Runaway Goat Hoofs It 20km To Redlynch
An escaped goat that was destined for the Christmas dinner plate has been caught after spending two weeks on the run trotting across 20km of rainforest from Kuranda to Redlynch. Cairns Regional Council workers spent two hours trying to corner the gruff goat at a Redlynch property yesterday where it had spent the past three days.

Their efforts failed, but the lure of a “lady goat” allowed Kuranda Veterinary Surgery veterinarian Andrew Easton to rope the wayward animal and return him to his owner yesterday.

The goat was bought as a Christmas present for a local Kuranda family and was to provide a festive feast to feed six adults and 15 children on Christmas Day, but it disappeared on December 21.
The goat was spotted by The Cairns Post’s readers at Kuranda, Kamerunga and Redlynch during its time on the run. The goat’s owner, who wished to remain anonymous, said he thought the goat jumped a 6m electric fence to make its getaway. Redlynch couple Gordon and Joyce McNeil bid farewell to the hairy visitor yesterday, after the sizeable animal arrived in their backyard on New Year’s Day.

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