The Volume Is Going UP
Well, glad to say that the numbers are up, I have been talking to a couple of agents in our office and not in our office as well and they are saying the same thing…….. the volume has increased.
What does that statement mean? Well the numbers of buyers has increased, but not the prices. The volume of properties being sold is increasing; this is a “coal face” statement, from talking to other agents, valuers and also building and pest inspectors. They are both saying that they are getting busier. This is good news for everyone in the region, the first footprint in the sand for a stronger market.

Today also marks the 1st anniversary of cyclone Yasi, this time last year we were all dealing with the after effects of the cyclone. Some people down in the Tully area are still dealing with the effects. Spare a thought for them, unless you have been through a strong cyclone, it is hard to understand how it affects you. Click here to read about the Anniversary

Also thought I would comment on if you should advertise your property for sale in the print media. It’s a question I get asked a lot. The answer is an immediate YES. I have had owners spend all sorts of money on renovations and painting and gardening etc. But this is just part of the solution. To gain a better price and quicker sale you do need to get it in print, then make sure your agent opens the property on both Saturday and Sundays, buyers will come to those opens. The reason this works is because the buyers then see that other people are looking at the property…. And they may miss out on the property. So maybe have a garage sale and raise the money to do some print advertising. It works……..

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