Mud mania swamps Redlynch State College
MUD mania took hold of hundreds of Redlynch State College students yesterday in one of their largest fundraiser events of the year. A change of clothes was a must for about 870 students, from prep to Grade 6, who joined the annual obstathon yesterday. The children climbed, dodged and slid across a number of challenges, with every lap helping to raise money for the school.
An expected $12,000 was raised and will support campus projects, including playground upgrades.
Deputy Principal Sam Molloy said the annual event had been held for the past 15 years and always made for some mud-splattered fun.
"The kids love it, they get so excited – you have to drag some of them off the course," she said. "There’s big cargo nets, we dig a big mud pit, a slip and slide, they climb over frames and run through big tyres. Then at the end we just hose them all down."
Ms Molloy said even teachers and parents got a little grubby and ran through the course with the students.

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