CairnsPlan 2016 Property Reports
You can take a tour of the Property Report tool using the help button. Use the PDF button to print, share or save your property report.

Council's CairnsPlan 2016 Property Report tool is an easy and convenient way to access planning scheme information that relates to a specific property.

The property report includes:

  • general property information;
  • a summary of the applicable planning scheme zones, local plans and overlays;
  • maps showing the applicable planning scheme mapping layers; and
  • links to relevant sections of the planning scheme and other relevant websites.

The report is device responsive and can be viewed on a desktop computer, tablet or smart phone.


The information provided in this report is made available for general reference purposes only and does not replace the need to obtain a Planning and Development Certificate or the need to seek professional legal or town planning advice in relation to the existing or intended use of the property.

If you are undertaking conveyancing, development or building certification, it is recommended that you conduct the necessary Council Land Record Searches. These may include (but are not limited to) building information searches, planning and development certificates and flood information searches.

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