Prices Look Like They Are Improving
FROM Shane's Watchin' Cairns Enewsletter. Fill the form out to subscribe to Watchin' Cairns. I have noticed over the years that the lead up to an election some how puts a majority of the buyers off. For what reason I am not sure,
the charge of government doesn’t really affect buyers or sellers of residential property, unless they make some announcement about changing stamp duties on the day they get elected, one has said “we vow to reinstate the principal place of residence concessional rate for stamp duty”. Although when and by how much was not divulged, so I wouldn’t wait for that to happen before buying my home.
I actually heard that one owner, purchased a property just over a year ago and turned over a profit. That is something we haven’t seen for a few years. I have had a little bit of cynical week this week, I have had two buyers not turn up to inspections, and heaps non returned phone calls and emails from buyers, twice I have had buyers be a little bit rude for not returning their calls within a couple of hours. Sometime’s I was we could all treat each other how we would like to be treated, it makes this job a bit hard. But on the other hand I received a beautiful card with the best note in it thanking me for selling their property, things like that make up for bad things in spades.
Speaking of buyers, I had 30 through one property on the weekend and another property that was opened by Cathy Ratcliff from our city office had nearly 50 through one of her properties. They are out and about and they are buying. We are seeing less properties coming onto the market, prices look a lot like they will improve.

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