This Is How Real Estate Agents Get A Bad Name
An alleged 'death-knock' type incident in Queensland, where an agent was caught taking photos of a lady's house the day after the death of her husband, has drawn a strong rebuke from the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ).
The alleged incident, which was reported on ABC Radio Brisbane, involved the claim that the information about the death came from within the hospital where the man passed away.

ABC Radio Brisbane breakfast host Spencer Howson said the lady in question – Gail Thomsom – sent him a letter about the incident.

“My husband passed away in hospital on 24th January, 2012,” the letter read.

“The afternoon of 25th January I caught a real estate agent taking photos of my house. I live on a corner so she checked out back and front of the property. When I went to approach her to find out why she was taking photos, she ran to her car, jumped in and took off at speed.

“On telling this tale to friends because I was so upset by the whole incident, other stories emerged - apparently the agents have someone on the inside at the hospital who feeds them information about the properties of newly deceased.

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