Please Return My Call..........
Often you hear about real estate agents that don’t return phone calls. This is not directed at anyone in particular, but more often than not buyers are the ones that don’t return phone calls.
This is a problem that upon talking to other agents in and out of our office, seems to be becoming more common place. Take for example setting up a private inspection on a property, you ring the owners and see if the time that the buyer has picked is suitable for them, they agree, then you ring or text the buyer to confirm the inspection, they say they will be there, then on the day of the inspection, after the owner has made sure that their home is looking all spick and span for the inspection, the agent generally will ring or text the buyer to confirm the inspection, sometimes you get a reply sometimes you don’t.
Sometimes on the way to the inspection or even 5 mins before they are supposed to be there, the buyer will ring and say “Oh we can’t make it.” I know that things do pop up from time to time, but sometimes all it takes is a call or a text. If you’re a buyer please think about the owners getting there homes ready for you. I recently arranged for four groups to go through a home that had tenants in it and one replied to my confirmation text with an yes and one said no they couldn’t make it, two others didn’t reply. After the inspection I rang the others. One had purchased elsewhere ( the one we originally set the inspection up for) and the other I left two messages with, they still haven’t returned my call………
Anyway, it just seems to becoming more and more commonplace in this world of increasing ways to communicate with people it seems people are doing it less and less. You could even apply this too agents, I recently took two different agents from other companies through one of my listed properties. I had to ring them to see what the feedback was…….. Anyway that’s my rant….. Sorry

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